CJM Saturn Chassis

CJM Saturn Chassis – No Longer Available

CJM Class 60071 on Saturn Chassis – Photo by Jason Whitlock
The original Saturn chassis still seen on demonstration at exhibitions around the country

Read virtually any customer review on the “site” and mention will be made of the amazing performance of the chassis in their loco. If detail, finish and accuracy are important then performance and reliability clinches it! Put simply the CJM Saturn chassis is without compare and has a warranty until 2018.  

The foundation of any model locomotive is the chassis. The discerning modeler requires smooth and quiet operation, pulling power, prototypical looks and reliability. In the Saturn Series chassis, CJM believes that you should have all these. In 1994 CJM was commissioned to produce a flywheel drive chassis capable of 22 actual miles a week for the Channel Tunnel Group Ltd. This was to be used on the 100 foot layout at the Eurotunnel Exhibition Centre. The chassis first appeared under the class 92. Since then it has progressively evolved into the Saturn chassis fitted to classes 37, 47, 50, 56, 59, 60, 66, 89 and 92. In addition, a Bo-Bo version is available for the class 26, 33, 67 and 73 with a small number of HST units also available. New versions for multiple units and additional loco applications are under development.

As you might expect from a chassis developed to such exacting standards and operated in such testing conditions the Saturn series has a number of features including-

  • A powerful Can Motor
  • Twin Fly wheels
  • Fine scale blackened wheels
  • Scale axle spacing
  • Simple suspension system
  • Proven reliability with warranty to 2018.
  • All CJM Saturn chassis can be fitted with Lenz DC chips (See DCC Product Page)

This chassis combined with the superb replica locomotive bodies means that you are guaranteed a model which both looks and performs beyond expectations.

One of the first things you might notice is that the chassis is much heavier compared to typical ‘N’ gauge chassis. Importantly the weight is concentrated over each bogie giving it superb traction and excellent electrical pick up qualities. This means that it typically starts creeping between 1 and 2 on the average controller even with a heavy load! Its top speed is seldom going to be achieved on the average layout, but you will appreciate the whisper quiet operation and the coasting to a stand as the power is turned off. On the Eurotunnel layout they took several feet to stop. Gradients will be crested with ease and perhaps, most important, it’s very unlikely to fail.

Since 1994 in excess of 3000 units have been produced with reliability of almost 100% –

  • Only 2 motors replaced, both having received 16 AC
  • No brushes replaced.
  • No gears replaced.
  • 20 – 30 traction tyres replaced
  • Some 2-5 locomotives are serviced each month consisting of wheel cleaning, oiling of contact plates and removal of fluff, hair, grit etc from gears. 
  • Other repairs have sometimes been needed but sadly this has been as a result of idle curiosity or dropping (or both!) 

Customer Maintenance

Minimal, keep wheels clean and perhaps once every 1-2 years place a small drop of oil on contact points on chassis block where the bogie wipers touch. DO NOT OIL ANY WHERE ELSE, NEVER OIL GEARS OR AXLES THIS WILL INVALIDATE WARRATY AND WRECK YOUR CHASSIS.
In the event of a problem always contact CJM by telephone as virtually all faults can be easily resolved. If the unit fails or requires servicing always return loco to CJM by insured post. The cost a complete service (strip and rebuild) is £25.00 plus £7.50 insured post and packing, perhaps every 5 – 10 years depending on use, most have never been serviced!

Saturn Chassis Other Applications 

Customers with locomotives in classes 33, 37, 47 both new and old Grafar versions, 50, 55 and HST may purchase a Saturn Chassis to update their models.

Production of complete class 33, 37, 47 both versions, 50, 55 and HST models, all with Saturn Chassis and super detailed bodies, painted in a wide selection of liveries are available.

CJM Bo-Bo Flywheel chassis under an Intercity livered HST 

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