CJM National Power Wagons “JMA” – No Longer Available

CJM’s exclusive line, mass produced JMA Wagon in National Power Livery.

Such was the interest in CJM repainted JMA Hoppers that Bachmann was approached regarding a limited run of these models exclusively for CJM. I am pleased to advise these stunning models are now available. Whilst most have been “pre-ordered” by existing owners of CJM Class 59’s in National Power livery, a small number remain unsold and available for immediate delivery, although there is a waiting time for the weathered version.

CJM’s exclusive line, mass produced JMA Wagon in National Power Livery.

The models come fully finished with a choice of couplings to enable closer coupling. Whilst all models were delivered to CJM with buffers, only the outer wagons of each rake are actually so fitted on their outer ends. CJM can provide them so treated and can cater for specific needs regarding final finishing and weathering.

CJM’s exclusive line, mass produced JMA Wagon in National Power Livery.
National Power JMA in standard form with all buffers
National Power JMA with Buffers removed as appropriate to form a rake
National Power JMA with buffers removed and appropriately weathered
Additional work to cater for specific refinishing to exactly match photographs
Postage and Packing (insured) typically £10.00 per order, 

Additional photographs of these wagons weathered and featuring specific detailing / refinishing will appear on this page in the coming weeks.

CJM Models Wagon Weathering Service

CJM JMA coal hopper in weathered National Power livery.

Have your rolling stock weathered by CJM for an amazingly cheap price. Find out more information in the Studio section of the site.

Click here for CJM Studio Wagon Weathering Page »
Click here for CJM Model Refinishing Product Page »

Customer Comments

Well, when I came down this morning, I’m afraid the JMAs hadn’t bred overnight so you’ll just have to keep slaving away!
Now that I’ve had a proper look at them I can appreciate the plethora of tiny detail in the weathering which makes each wagon unique. The whole rake looks magnificent coupled to 59206 Pride of Ferrybridge and it’s notable that the blue of the wagons is identical to the blue of the loco. The comparison with the train of Freightliner Heavy Haul HHAs is striking, mainly because of the close coupling of the JMAs. Removal of the inside buffers allows the wagons to be so much closer together. The National Power train, of ten wagons, is exactly 4.5 cm shorter than the Freightliner train.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing the Freightliner train ‘mucked up’ to a similar standard.

Very many thanks for such a brilliant job. Passenger trains are gradually taking a back seat in my collection these days as they can’t compare with the delightfully authentic goods trains I’m acquiring.

Trevor Lockwood – 27/01/2010
National Power JMA’s

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