CJM Class 92 – N/A

CJM Class 92 – No Longer Available

CJM Class 92 – 92001 “Victor Hugo” in EWS International livery
and 92012 “Thomas Hardy” in EWS / RFD European livery.

The Class 92 was built to move freight through the Channel Tunnel to various parts of the Electrified Railtrack network. Equipped to run on both DC and AC current supply, the 92’s are beginning to see wider use around the system, from Scotland to Dollands Moor and beyond!

Built originally for the Eurotunnel Exhibition layout, the CJM Class 92 represented one of the most major advances in ‘N’ gauge model railways. This locomotive, offered a series of ‘firsts’ for British manufactured ‘N’ gauge when it was introduced. These included flywheel drive, ultra flush glazing, stainless steel logos and super detailed one piece body.

In 2003 the model was enhanced with fully detailed interior, driver / second man and the option of scale coupling and air pipes. These can be added at extra cost.

Initial production went to Eurotunnel layout where they covered 22 actual miles per week (3250 scale miles) pulling scale length trains on the 100 foot exhibition layout at Folkestone.

CJM Class 92 – 92007 “Schubert” in RFD European livery

European ‘two tone grey & blue roof’ livery with various lettering:

92 001 ‘Victor Hugo’ (Rfd)92 012 ‘Thomas Hardy’ (Rfd)
92 002 ‘H G Wells’ (Rfd)92 013 ‘Puccini’ (Rfd)
92 003 ‘Beethoven’ (Rfd)92 014 ‘Emile Zola’ (SNCF)
92 004 ‘Jane Austin’ (Rfd)92 015 ‘D H Lawrence’ (Rfd)
92 005 ‘Mozart’ (Rfd)92 016 ‘Brahms’ (Rfd)
92 006 ‘Louis Armand’ (SNCF)92 017 ‘Shakespeare’ (Rfd)
92 007 ‘Schubert’ (Rfd)92 018 ‘Stendhal’ (Rfd)
92 008 ‘Jules Verne’ (Rfd)92 019 ‘Wagner’ (Rfd)
92 009 ‘Elgar’ (Rfd)92 020 ‘Milton’ (Rfd)
92 010 ‘Moliere’ (SNCF)92 022 ‘Charles Dickens’ (RFD)*
92 011 ‘Handel’ (Rfd)92 030 ‘Ashford’ (Rfd)
*Carries large Railfreight Distribution lettering and cast nameplates.
  Names from 92 022 onwards now available.
CJM Class 92 – 92031 “The Institute of Logistics and Transport” in EWS European livery

EWS European livery. EWS maroon / gold with large numbers and white name.

92 001 ‘Victor Hugo
92 031 ‘The Institute of Logistics and Transport’
Class 92 Roof Detail

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