CJM Class 67 – N/A

CJM Class 67 – No Longer Available

CJM Class 67’s – 67029 “Royal Diamond” EWS Office Livery – 67019 EWS Livery
– 67015 New Wrexham and Shropshire Livery.

When released, the CJM class 56 was seen as the best yet. The best just got better!! The CJM Class 67 arrived with all that you would expect from a CJM locomotive. The CJM class 67 is not only available in EWS red and gold, but also in both versions of the ‘Royal Train’ livery (with or with out the stripe). The loco is also available in EWS ‘office’ livery of silver and graphite. Now NEW to the range is the Wrexham and Shropshire livery. The pictures speak for themselves. Sadly, you can’t see it move on the web site, but trust CJM, it goes as well as it looks.

CJM Class 67 NEW Livery – Arriva Trains

CJM Models 67003 in Arriva Trains livery fully super detailed and light weathered.
CJM Models 67003 in Arriva Trains livery fully super detailed and light weathered.
CJM Models 67003 in Arriva Trains livery fully super detailed and light weathered.

CJM Models Class 67 in DB Schenker Livery – Limited Edition

CJM Class 67 – 67018 “Keith Heller” DB Schenker Livery

This livery really suits the 67 and commemorates the retirement of Keith Heller. Kevin Devine’s comments eloquently reflect customer’s reaction so I’ll leave it to him to describe!

I am still marvelling at the fantastic loco.  67018 “Keith Heller” in DB Schenker livery is staggeringly fantastic! I think I am running out of superlatives to describe your workmanship.

I checked out photos of the real loco and looked at drawings, and the model is so exact and realistic in every way. I am left full of admiration at your skilled craftsmanship – the attention to detail is truly superb. Running-in has started and I must say it moves like a dream, even over some of my own track work!

Many thanks once again for a superb model.

Kevin Devine 02-06-2010

EWS Office Livery

CJM Class 67 – 67029 “Royal Diamond” in EWS Office Livery with Medium Weathering.

67029 “Royal Diamond” in special silver-grey EWS Office livery was applied to 67029 to pull their Company or hospitality train, composed of three cars (conference car, lounge car, sleeping car with five cabins), reversible with a DVT (Driving Van Trailer) at the other end. Subsequently named “Royal Diamond” to commemorate the diamond wedding of Her Majesty the Queen.

Wrexham and Shropshire Livery

CJM Class 67 – 67015 New Wrexham and Shropshire Livery.

Wrexham and Shropshire Livery names and numbers include:

67012 – “A Shropshire Lad”67013 – “Dyfrbont Pontcysyllte”
67014 – “Thomas Telford”67015 – “David J. Lloyd”

Nameplates and vinyl logos will be applied, they are currently in the production stage.

EWS Livery

CJM Class 67 – 67004 “Post Haste” in EWS Livery

Numbers 67 001 to 67 030 are available in EWS Red and Gold livery –
Names include –

67 001 Night Mail67 002 Special Delivery67 004 Post Haste
67 005 Queen’s Messenger67 010 Unicorn67 017 Arrow
67 018 Rapid67 025 Western Star67 027 Rising Star

Royal Train Livery

CJM Class 67 – 67006 “Royal Sovereign” shown in Revised Royal Livery.
CJM Class 67 – 67005 “Queen’s Messenger” shown in Original Royal Livery.

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