Website in process of updating!

After many failed promises I have finally started up dating the website! Over the coming weeks I will be making a number of revisions to pages featuring many of the models that have kept me so busy this year and last!

I have already added updates to the “WIA-Arbel”, Class 50, Class 89, General News Class 92, Class 67, Class 59 and the price list to name but a few!


New! CJM 59003 “Yeoman Highlander” in GBRf Livery fully super detailed.

I remain exceptionally busy with orders stretching well into 2016 with all the paint racks at maximum capacity, indeed a few weeks ago saw this exceeded. Not an ideal situation, but necessary to cater for forthcoming new releases!

At the beginning of the year I racked and prepared virtually the entire years production, then as models are allocated to customers I’m able to check final specs and quote a meaningful delivery date, which has kept things pretty much on schedule without long delays after invoicing. Whilst it may appear your order has been forgotten (it hasn’t) it means I avoid making empty promises and the pressure this generates. That said seeing some 80 models in progress with another 20-30 waiting to grab a slot can be daunting at times.

67004 "Cairn Gorm" in Caledonian Rail Livery with full super detailing.

67004 “Cairn Gorm” in Caledonian Rail Livery with full super detailing.

Demand remains at an exceptionally high level, with customer feedback very positive indeed so I think the balance is about as good as its been. Over the coming weeks I’ll be adding even more so keep watching!