CJM Wagon Weathering

On this page we have set out to demonstrate CJM Wagon weathering how a considerable degree of life and authenticity can be brought to your wagon fleet. Over the coming months CJM will weather and display a wide range of different wagons with just a touch of weathering to completely filthy.

The wagons are treated in a similar way to CJM locos using a Badger 150 dual action Brush and some 7 or 8 shades of heavily thinned colour to add grime and bring out the detail in all the right places.

CJM has amassed a large range of photographs of the real thing and these are used to ensure that the model has an authentic look. Additionally the subtle use of light grey’s are introduced to convey the appearance of “weight” in much the same way as with the locos.

Clearly these are fully finished proprietary models and therefore do not benefit from the scale colour techniques employed on CJM loco’s. That said the techniques used ensure that the finished model is imbued with the authentic look.

They represent outstanding value and these prices can only be achieved by painting in multiples of ten or more. typically a rake will consist of 2 light, 5 medium, and 3 heavily weathered wagons.

26 032 in heavily faded and weathered red stripe railfreight livery with Minitrix HAA hopper heavily weathered.

26 032 in heavily faded and weathered red stripe railfreight livery with Minitrix HAA hopper heavily weathered.

Weathering Rust

Not all wagons / locos, in fact very few just get dirty they have a knack of getting rusty quite quickly. I remember when measuring / photographing 67004 which had not been in service very long, just how much rust was appearing around grills, body seams and the under frame!

Whilst the models depicted in this section could be described as extreme with a little perusing of the web and a decent website it is not hard to find wagons or locos particularly those working in a quarry / mine or scrap line for that matter looking just as sorry for them selves. Many of the photos have been enlarged to show just how intricate these effects are and how corrosion, peeling and fading paint are all worked together to produced a model of amazing character. Plainly these effects are immensely time consuming and very protracted (they are not cheap)   but for a diorama setting on your layout or for adding that extra dimension to your loco or wagon fleet they are a must!

All the models so far produced have been on a special commission basis as part of an order for similar wagons in light, medium and heavy with a couple of these thrown in for good measure, on this basis they added an additional £50 – £60 added to the bill. Typically a completely reworked wagon would work out around £50.

The Kato RS-2 loco in a very faded 2-3 colour livery without lots of masking / transfers is available as a complete faded rusty model for £395.00. Something of a bargain as the base model in the States retails for around $100! Comparison with the ARC 59 in the background which shares the same base colours gives an idea of the fading weathering involved. Imagine a B R Blue 37, 47 or 50 on a scrap line so treated! Would you need a CJM chassis? If not then this could be yours for similar money. Please note with locos “standard RTR finishes” this technique really doesn’t work, so a respray is required and even wagons have a special base coat applied to apply these techniques on.

CJM Weathering Rust

Wagon Loads

CJM can now load your wagon using appropriate material and weight reducing techniques (without recourse to CJM power although this will enhance the effect as 20 empty wagons can be too much for many RTR locos) each load is individually produced at the time of weathering  so no 2 vehicles are identical and the overall effect greatly enhanced. Not all wagons are seen fully loaded many open wagons run empty with a residue left in the bottom. Have look on the web at MBAs and MOAs for example.

All empty and loaded effects £5.00 per wagon (when the wagon is weathered by CJM, this offer is not available separately).

CJM Wagon Loads

CJM Model Refinishing

More Images and information can be found on the CJM Model Refinishing Service page