CJM Price List

Due to the bespoke nature of the models please use this price list as a fair guide, feel free to phone on 01227 262431 to discuss your requirements including: price, availability, production times and any other queries you may have regarding our products and services.

Class 26
26001 – 26046 All liveries
Full super detailing to one bufferbeam
Add £50
Class 37
All liveries and sub-classes inc Saturn 3 chassis based on the “Poole” 37-4 body
From £495
Fully Super detailed buffer beam
Add £75
Class 47
All Liveries and Sub-classes inc Saturn 3 chassis (47)
From £525
Latest Grafar Body
Super detailing to body and buffer beam
Class 50



All liveries excluding Network Southeast
Network Southeast Livery £595
Super detailed buffer beam (per end)
Add £60
Class 56
56001 to 56055 in all liveries
Hybrid 56 029 Including etched handrails
sold out
Steel Cab 56060 to 56125 with etched hand rails
Super detailed buffer beam (per end)
Add £60
Class 59
All variants and liveries except
DB Schenker Livery, AGG Ind, Mendip, Revised GBRf 59003 £545
Super detailed buffer beam (per end)
Add £40
National Power, EWS and DB Schenker livery with buckeye
Add £50
Class 60
All liveries
Super detailed buffer beam (per end)
Add £40
Class 66
All Liveries except revised GBRF
Revised GBRF & AGG. Ind. (Available Soon) £545
Super detailed buffer beam (per end)
Add £40
EWS & DBS with buckeye
Add £50
Class 67
Basic model all liveries
Fully Super detailed including both buffer beams
Add £75
Class 73
All liveries
Sold Out
Class 89
All liveries (Very Limited Availability)
Sold Out
Class 92
All liveries except DB Shenker /GBRf Caledonian Rail
DB Schenker, GBRf & Caledonian Rail £545
Super detailed buffer beam (per end)
Add £60
GNER livery 8 car set – customer sets only
From £1400
GNER livery 16 car set – customer sets only
From £2200
Medium (including fading)
Heavy or faded with extra special effects / damage
From £75
Saturn Chassis for Class 26, 33, 37, 47, 50, 55 and HST From     £195
Supply and fit Lenz DCC Gold or Silver chip to any Saturn Chassis £55
CJM Ultimate Stock Box £175
Postage and Packaging (insured) all models £12

Pricing effective from 29th July 2015 – Correct at time of publishing, subject to change without notice.

The CJM Support Services and Trading Policy

Repainting, super detailing and Refurbishing CJM and Grafar Models.

CJM started life repainting and super detailing Grafar models and this still goes on today albeit in small numbers! If you would like me to transform your existing or brand new model into something very special please contact me including CJM chassis where appropriate.

CJM is happy to quote for updating and refurbishing existing “CJM” locos and chassis


Weathering can be carried out on any model painted by me. It should be emphasized that this is done using up to 7 colours and often involves faded colour techniques. Preferably it is done from mutually agreed photographs and results in the model having greater character as well as imparting that heavy look of the prototype. In short you become the owner of a unique model verging on a work of art. For prices see price list


There is no online ordering / query facility as given the specialist nature of the business and models produced these issues are best dealt with on a one to one basis. In this way I can answer your questions / confirm your order personally. Please Telephone 01227 262431


Payment on all models is due at the time of order and may be by Bank Transfer, Debit card or Visa / MasterCard. It will only be banked at the commencement of work on your model and will be confirmed to you by way of a receipted invoice. Should you have any query, this is the time to check. Please note: In view of the high cost of processing credit cards a minimum invoice value of £200.00 applies. Lesser amounts by Bank Transfer or Debit card only.

Payment Plan Options – Maybe Available. Please contact CJM for further details!

Monthly Plan

A monthly savings plan whereby you simply send a fixed amount to CJM, ideally every month but it could in certain cases be as and when. CJM will start your loco at a point in time to ensure delivery upon receipt of your final payment. Payment  by cheque, debit card or direct bank transfer.

Typical Example

Loco cost £505 inc p&p  = 5 monthly payments of £101. Total payments £505.


It is probably apparent that each model is produced to order and that, as I work alone, demand often exceeds supply. By careful planning and by customers ordering well in advance of their needs it is possible to keep things within the bounds of reason. At best a locomotive will be 12 weeks from order. It is usually 12 to 16 weeks from invoice and payment. Although as with all things handmade, delays can and do occur. Contrary to common belief I am human and do partake (unwillingly) of colds and flu and (not often enough) of holidays. Then as happens with all such hand finished models things can go wrong! Please rest assured I try very hard not to disappoint!

Postage and Packing

All models are sent by Special Delivery (UK) and insured Air Mail (Overseas) and to date only one model has gone missing. Claims for damage have always come from customers sending TO CJM. So if you are sending your models to me for whatever reason please pack your models very well indeed. (A brown envelope does not constitute packaging!) Please always include £12.00 for return postage and packing.


CJM locos come with a 12 month warranty against failure / defects, (damage / abuse and fair wear and tear are not covered). In addition ALL CJM Saturn or Saturn-Titan chassis have warranty until 2018. Locos purchased second hand can be warranted to 2018 by returning to CJM for a full service (£25.00 plus £12.00 p&p) after which the chassis warranty will be extended to the new owner.