CJM now a Part time Business until 2020

Now after almost 31 years of full time trading, more often than not with 7 day weeks I’m looking forward to retirement and catching up on all things I promised myself I’d do! With this in mind I have moved to part time hours, with more hours worked in the autumn / winter and less in the summer. 

CJM will continue to accept orders for new models until 2020, or until all stocks are exhausted. I have have now taken delivery of the final mouldings associated with with my model ranges. Orders can be placed without the need for a deposit, but schedules will be far more fluid than hitherto. Some parts will be ordered to provide ongoing spares for existing models, with support for existing models continuing well into the future. Hopefully!!

Existing stocks of some models have already sold out, some are very limited, perhaps only one or two, with less than 20 of the remainder.

Servicing and weathering of CJM and RTR models will continue into the future.

CJM will no longer update / repaint models from other manufacturers except Kato or CJM previously produced re-worked models.

Credit / Debit card facilities are no longer available due to the high minimum monthly charge and high processing charges as volumes have dropped below monthly minimums. Payment by Bank Transfer or Cheque will continue which have been customers preferred option over the last few years.

Expect the odd “new livery” or “surprise” over the next 12 months as I produce a few special models to satisfy a personal whim or very loyal friend pleading.

Feel free to seek clarity by email or telephone on any aspect of the foregoing.