CJM Model Refinishing Reviews

Assorted loco and wagon weathering

A belated thanks for the items you weathered for me. The Dutch Class 37 is spot on but I must admit that it is the Cargowaggon that I am really impressed with. It is really transformed.

Paul Woolley. 29-04-2013

Renumbering and naming, plus some paintwork and a complete re-varnish of 4 Minitrix Britannia’s.

Many thanks. Received locos this morning and they look great. Can’t believe in particular how much better the buffer beam looks at the front and also how the varnish has toned down the green. I have two more Brits which I would like to treat the same, and 3 Minitrix A3s. I will get new plates and numbers in the next few weeks. I guess you will be busy preparing orders for Christmas so, as these aren’t urgent, I’ll send them in mid-January.

Peter Fox. 20-10-2012.

Completely reworked new Bachfar 47s 47145 (Tinsley Special) and 47214 Redstripe Railfreight with super detailed bodies, weathering and CJM chassis.

I have just opened the parcel containing the two class 47s after two tries to obtain the parcel for Royal Mail ,all in all it was worth the wait ,just two perfect class 47s they could not be any better, another great job done by you yet again. Would it be possible for you to fit new chassis and do some refinishing to two class 37 B R Blue large arrow livery ,(CJM) ,which I bid for on Ebay , I will be phone you in the new year if this is possible?

Mike Lilley. 17-11-2012.

Weathering and fitting Saturn Chassis to Standard Grafar Locos

“Hey Hey Hey!!!

Both 47s look fantastic. I look forward to seeing the RES vans to go with it.

The Blue 47 with 4 MGRS behind (no leccky at the moment) look absolutely terrific.

Many, many thanks. Another satisfied customer once again!”

Chris Cheetham – 10/01/2009

47 238 – Bescot Yard – ‘Rejuvenation’ Rework

“your master craftsmanship is, as always, much appreciated”

David Stannard – 15/2/2003