CJM Class 73 Reviews

E 6001 as originally built.

Received E6001 today, all ok. It’s a great model, detailing is excellent, even the smallest details are crisp and clear. The Saturn chassis runs a dream, slow speed control is wonderful, I would consider it to be better than certain manufacturers “super creep” chassis!!! If you do get any more Class 73 body shells in, please let me know, as I would consider purchasing another version of this locomotive. Thank you for a wonderful model,

Alan Parkin 24-08-2013

CJM 67006 and 73101 Second Hand CJM locos

Perfect!  What beauties!

Mal Maginnis 12/07/2012

73128 DCC conversion

73128 back at base and running on my test track after fine tuning via my Sprog. Once again thank you for your service, and if I ever win the lottery I’ll be your biggest customer.

Ah well back to the salt mines!!

Paul Dunn 11/06/2012