CJM Class 56 Reviews

CJM 56029

I’m very pleased with it indeed.




he attention to detail is absolutely amazing and I spot more and more things every time I look at the model. The differences in the cab ends really are a great feature of the model and I’m glad I went for the hybrid in the end. The Saturn chassis is fantastic! The difference between that and a mass produced one really is quite something. I like the fact that it makes a whooshing sound as opposed to a grinding sound – very reassuring!

Michael Warburton 18-08-2010


Once again I am absolutely delighted with 56301. It is really superb in every way, the incredible detail, paint finish and chassis are all excellent. Even after so many years and so many models from you it is still a real thrill when a new, unique, loco arrives. It is a privilege to own CJM models which are in a different league to anything else that is available.

Ged Lee – 29/11/2007

Romanian 56 – 56 006

“In a word – STUNNING! Many thanks indeed and it looks absolutely superb hauling my rakes of HAA’s. The haulage power of the Saturn chassis is incredible – I put over 50 HAA’s behind it and it sailed away with ease.”

Mark Nicholls – 18/6/2007