CJM Class 50 Reviews

50007 in GWR 150 livery

I had a good look at 50007 yesterday and you are quite correct! I’m very pleased with it indeed. As much as I love my 2 56s and the 89, I think this is the best loco I own, it really is a masterpiece (in miniature!) and looks every bit like a real class 50. My favourite details so far are the lifting hooks on the body shell; brilliant. Runs like a dream too, as always. Thanks again.

Mike Warburton. 27-08-2013

50042 in Large Logo Livery.

The stunning looking class 50 arrived this morning, another one of your masterpieces! I’m really pleased with it and you really have captured the look from the photo I sent you. Perfect, and can’t wait to run it on the bank holiday Monday! Thanks again and I’m sure I’ll be ordering my next one in the not too distant future.

Jeremy Stone. 26-08-2013

50018 Resolution in Large Logo Livery.

Resolution docked at 09.58 hrs. this morning It looks splendid and has done its running in trial. One hour each way round the circuit at 60 mph, so is now ready for anything I can throw at it. Well worth the wait. Thanks.

Ivan Gilmore. 26-02-2013

CJM Class 50436 in B R Blue.

It arrived! Awesome model!

Peter Shaw. 02-09-2012

CJM 50019 and 50033 in original and Revised NSE livery.

I think what the postman delivered today shows that what can be one person’s Nemesis can be another’s Nirvana (if you’ll excuse the slight miss-use of the word). Truly stunning. 50019 I’d have to pick out as a masterpiece to my eye, the weathering treatment is absolutely exquisite. Definitely worth the wait. I’m not going to say any more for now – you’d just receive a load of gibbering superlatives that wouldn’t better describe how I feel about them than those used above.

Paul Billett. 16-10-2012.

CJM 50030 in Revised NSE livery.

The model arrived yesterday, but our local Royal Mail collection office decided to close in the afternoon “for reasons beyond their control”! How selfish of them!! However I have been up and collected my class 50 this morning and was able to have a good look at it before heading off to work. And what a model it is! An absolute exquisite work of art! Well worth the wait and can’t wait to get it running on the layout later on this week. The weathering is also spot on and exactly how I wanted it. Thank you Chris! I’ll have to get my order in for 50009 Conqueror in January. Thanks again Chris for this wonderful model.

Jeremy Stone 15-10-2012

CJM Class 50 – 50002 “Superb” Revised NSE

“After a long day in London opening the package certainly brought both surprise & smiles.  Surprise because seeing the CJM 50 first-hand is awesome & the smiles as the loco simply purred!”

” When NSE 47711 came along l described the model as “magnificent”.  The most apt word to describe NSE 50002 is quite literally “Superb”!!!   CJM is by far the pinnacle of bespoke British N Gauge. Thank-you Chris!”

David Gray – 25/07/2012

CJM 50031 and 50049 Preserved Large Logo livery

Well what can I say except the smell of melting plastic is worth it! Looks like I might just have to have a Large Logo 56 for Christmas! Thanks Chris!

Alan Richardson 27/07/2012

CJM 50032 in Original NSE livery

50 arrived today, what can I say, out done yourself, its perfect! THANKS!

Darren Holmes 25/07/2012

CJM 50 004 “St Vincent” Large Logo Livery CJM DEMONSTRATOR

The 50’s look absolutely fantastic! I’m glad I chose Revised NSE livery. Yes please, I would be very interested in receiving my 50 after the Leamington show. I hope to attend the show so if it’s ready before then, I could collect it from you personally.

Jeremy Stone 23/07/2012

CJM 50043 Eagle Large Logo Livery Weathered to customer supplied photos.

Well, it arrived today and what can I say? I’ve sent your photo of 50043 to my friend in Australia and he’s dead jealous. But he hasn’t seen the real thing!

The detail is astonishing; the side grilles look as though I could slide my fingers in, the hand rails don’t look over-scale, the detail on the roof is astounding and the big red fan is superb – but it won’t rotate, does that cost extra? Even under magnification the paint finish looks so smooth. The added details at the front end are minutely detailed and I love the way the body sits snug and low on the chassis. I’m really jealous of the driver.

The loco is moving round my layout as I type this, with a rake of five of the new GF Mark 1 coaches  (blue and grey, of course) and making a scale 30 mph. In a moment I’ll go and have a play and make it do something extraordinary, crawl. More than any of my other CJM locos this one seems to be able to crawl at about scale 2 mph for as long as I want.

It’s amazing and beautiful and I’m absolutely delighted with it. Thank you very much indeed, maestro!  It’s crawling now. Oh – I love it!

Trevor Lockwood 23/05/2012

CJM 50031 in Large Logo Livery weathered to customer supplied photos

It’s absolutely superb, as I knew it would be, and, yes, even better in the flesh than in the photos.  You’ve executed the weathering perfectly and it really brings out the intricate features that you have captured so well in the model.

Whilst I don’t envy you having to paint the NSE ones I am now doubly excited about those and as with 50031 I’m sure patience will be highly rewarded!

What on earth are you going to choose if you decide to do another ‘new’ model because this will surely take some beating!

Paul Billett 18/05/2012