CJM Class 26 Reviews

26004 – Weathered Coal Sector livery

“Ever since I got 26004 I have been stunned as to how it looked. I have spent hours just looking at it sitting on the layout. It doesn’t have to do anything, it just sits there looking absolutely right. Of course it does go, but I don’t really care, I just like looking at it. This is probably the most realistic and accurate model of a Class 26 in any scale. I just love the cab side windows, the coal sector paint job, driver, handrails, snowploughs, correct bogie side frames, battery boxes- Are you hiding something from us, Chris? Have you got a minituriser in your workshop somewhere? “

David Richards – 08/09/2008

26008 – Weathered BR Blue livery

“All I can say is that I have been transported back in time to my summer holidays in the mid seventies and I’m standing on Maisondieu Road looking at a BR blue class 26 quietly turning over in Elgin yard – more than likely that very loco as I copped it back then. Oh that sound…..



It really looks the part pulling your blue grey MK2s, and as that is the only stock I have which is of a quality high enough to have gained the right to be pulled by it, that’s all it will pull.”

Jonathan Pate – 27/09/2008

26040 and 47550

“Well, tomorrowish took a long time. I have been a bit busy and didn’t get much time to play!



First of all the MagicalChrisRat is as superb as always. I seem to have stuck with the greys so to speak, but all three MacRats look so authentic it almost hurts. 26040 is just as specified in the pictures I sent you. It runs fine after its stay at the University and looks as realistic as it can possibly be. I don’t think you could get better in a larger scale. Although 26004 is still my favourite in its coal sector livery, I just love all three of these little locos, they are simply real.



Having had two class 37s and three class 26s, the arrival of 47550 was really interesting. Like 37519 and 37251, the body is Farish, but oh so different from the original. I know you did quite a bit of work on the 37s, and both are as exquisite as the complete CJM 26s. 47550 fits right in with the rest. Even the Farish chassis looks different. Your artistry has made the chassis look twice as detailed, chunky and intricate as it was before. And the body is fantastic. I have painted and renumbered numerous class 47s before, but this is much more than that. I really like it. And like the 37s you underestimate your work on other peoples locos. The 37s both look marvelous with their detailed body and your Saturn chassis, and this 47 looks terrific even though its just an ‘ordinary’ loco. I really like it and I am wondering how much detailing if any, you have done to it. How did you get the domino lights looking like that? Its nice and dirty without being too grubby. I am now very interested to see what the Intercity and Scotrail versions will look like.



All six locos look very well together, each having a Scottish flavour and just the right dirty grey grubbiness that makes 37251 stand out in her rather smug cleanness!”

David Richards- 12/01/2009