CJM 47-7 DBSO Push Pull Set Reviews

CJM 47711 Push Pull Set

“Apparently it took two attempts to be delivered, but the latest parcel from the CJM-Studio did finally arrive. It had been a very long wait, we had had many phonecalls and I had started to wonder whether we had over-hyped the whole project but, when I opened all those boxes, it was WOW! It had been worth the wait. And as the saying goes, the best things come…
Greyfriar’s Bobby had been on your website for a while so I had had the chance to marvel at your work but there is nothing to beat having the model in front of you. The transformation from the starting model is quite incredible, I always have to ask myself how do you do it. But you don’t need to answer that, the pleasure in watching your latest masterpiece glide over the pointwork makes the question unnecessary. It sits correctly, the Saturn chassis runs superbly and the detail from the bogies to that wonderfully dirty roof makes me glad to have commissioned it.


However it cannot be a PushPull set without the necessary coaches to complete the picture. And it was the correct decision to have asked for a bit of CJM magic on these. The detail painting, the renumbering and weathering of the MK3s (and what’s more, correct InterCity decals!) have made them worthy to be seen with 47711 and to finish the set you’ve built a superbly finished DBSO. So I put all the items together, stood back and marvelled. Everything about the set is right, it fits together perfectly from the detailed end of the 47 to the gangway plate of the MK2F. I looked at it in complete silence for a long time before turning on the power to watch it run. Seeing it running in both directions really is pure joy, thank you for solving that coupling issue, amazing.
It will be a “Push” rather than a “PushPull”, in my eye this mode makes the best become better, so there will be an awful lot of services to Glasgow, and even though it runs faultlessly at well over a scale 100mph for some unexplained reason it will constantly have to deal with speed restrictions.
I know we’ve already spoken and you’ve heard my appreciation but I really do have to write to express my thanks.
No you can’t have it back.

Jonathan Pate – 17/10/2009