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CJM now a Part time Business until 2020

Now after almost 31 years of full time trading, more often than not with 7 day weeks I’m looking forward to retirement and catching up on all things I promised myself I’d do! With this in mind I have moved to part time hours, with more hours worked in the autumn / winter and less in the summer.  CJM will continue to accept orders for new models until 2020, or until all stocks are exhausted. I have have now taken

Website in process of updating!

After many failed promises I have finally started up dating the website! Over the coming weeks I will be making a number of revisions to pages featuring many of the models that have kept me so busy this year and last! I have already added updates to the “WIA-Arbel”, Class 50, Class 89, General News Class 92, Class 67, Class 59 and the price list to name but a few! I remain exceptionally busy with orders stretching well into 2016 with all

WIA-Arbel Articulated Transporter In Production

Since the beginning of the year I have been steadily working my way through orders for the WIA-Arbel, whilst most of the production run has been sold a small number remain which will be produced in 2016! If you would like one (or more) please register your interest soon. No payment required until your model is started which as I said won’t be until 2016! Full details can be found under CJM “WIA” Arbel

Second Hand CJM models on EBay

BUYER BEWARE! Recently there have been a large number of my early models placed on EBay, and a number described as CJM which are NOT! The seller has been contacted but chosen not to remove “CJM” from the title but careful reading of the description does include a proviso to this effect. Please be aware most of the models are around 20+ years old and in most instances have been long discontinued and spare parts are no longer available! It is also unlikely